Daniel S. Moors

Today is Thursday April 14th. Currently tired of living here. I wish I was with Daniel. He makes me smile in more ways than one. Someday I'll have the balls to tell him this in person, so I guess until then I'll just post my feelings up here everyday. Here's the thing Daniel is straight with a bend and I'm gay. I don't even know that means. I wish things were easier to explain sometimes. I guess it all started a year ago I met Daniel at summer camp. I was learning guitar like I normally do every year. I first saw Daniel on the elevator and unlike most of the people at camp he was quiet. I don't know why that would stick out about a stranger on an elevator but it did. Every time I saw him around I paid attention to him and what he was doing. Eventually I found out that he was volunteering with the camp and he played the drums. I noticed other things about him on those elevator rides like the way he carries himself and the way he speaks. I realize it then but it probably kind of creepy. At the end of summer camp we usually perform at Baruch College. This my band was headlining the show. I was probably more nervous that Daniel was going to think my guitar playing was shit then actually performing for the crowd.Tyler J. Rodriguez.

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